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2023 Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts that can be ordered up until the 14th of December when choosing Express Post. Embroidered items won’t arrive in time for Christmas, with the exception of our keyring (The Key to Happiness) which we have in stock.

Cutlery roll with spanner cutlery

The Key to Happiness bike keyring

Truck Logbook Covers (without embroidery)

Canvas Spanner Rolls (without embroidery)

Molle Water Bottle Holders

Fuel Bladder Bags

Camp Cutlery Rolls

Key to Happiness
Key to Happiness

Canvas Firewood Sling

Steelcore Secuity Straps 1.3m and 1.8m

Strap Sale

Personal Cutlery Roll

Lure Covers

Phone Pouch

OEM Tool Roll

A4 Book Cover

Garden Tool Roll

Molle Christmas Stocking

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Steel Pony Panniers

There used to be another Australian made offering for canvas panniers: Steel Pony Panniers. The Gascoyne panniers were listed as 37 x 23 x 44 = 37 litres which makes them very similar to our Big Fella Panniers. Steel Pony Panniers are mentioned on many a blog and forum from times past. I am not sure what happened to the business but the website is no longer available.

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Embroidery / Personalised Items

Embroidered Logbook Covers

Many of our products have embroidered text as an option for personalisation. Most products can have it added as a custom order.

There are two different types of embroidery: Text in a range of font types and colours and Logos or pictures embroidered. Text is charged per sections of just letters and logos or pictures have a one-off set-up fee (currently $30) plus per item fee.

As we have the embroidery done out of house there is an increased wait time for embroidered items. This can be one or two weeks in some cases.

If an item with embroidery needs to be waterproof it is best sprayed with a waterproofing spray as the embroidery thread does not swell into the stitch holes in the way that the thread used for construction does.

Below are some of our products that often have embroidery added but pretty much any can be embroidered. Let your imagination run wild!

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Logbook Cover Instructions

The logbook cover is made for a standard national drivers logbook.

These were designed by drivers who recommend them to their employers to buy in bulk.

Here are some simple instructions and pointers: 

1. Lay the cover out open and flat with the pockets facing upwards. As you can see, the flaps (pockets) are the same width and the cover is symmetrical. (Please note the elastic is in more central position in the newer covers).

2. Place the logbook on top with the spine of the book in the centre of the cover.

3. Place the front and back cardboard covers of the book into the pockets that are under them. The spine stays in the centre and the cardboard covers of your book fit perfectly inside the pockets.

4. The elastic is only there to hold your current page.

5. Shut the cover with the book inside. 

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Custom Spanner Roll

Customer email: I would like to order two custom canvas spanner rolls for a Gearwrench 8-22 + 24 spanner set that has fixed ratchets at the round ends of the spanners. Please note these round ends (that will slide into each bay of the bag) are approximately one and a half times wider than the round ends of normal flat spanners, so the bays would need to be wider (please see image). The two rolls should be exactly the same. I would like both in khaki canvass, and both with the two strap option (similar to your motor vehicle tool roll). Please let me know if this is doable, what the cost would be, and if you require any further information to proceed?

Reply: Thanks for your email. This is doable but I will need a photo of the spanners laid out with a measure below and beside to know how large to make the pockets.

The customer sent accurate sizes and photos. Below are finished rolls.

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Panniers for a Royal Enfield Himalayan

Customer question: Do your pannier bags work well with the standard RE pannier racks?

Our answer:

They sure do. A lot of the pictures of our Himalayan on the group and our business page and website have the panniers on standard racks. We have the Large Panniers on ours, which do take some care to ensure that they do not get near the exhaust. For that reason I recommend cutdown jerry cans in them, which makes a great semi-hard shell that if you add a rope handle means you can pull them out at camp. 
That said, the Standard Panniers fit great / better and are a bit smaller. They don’t sag as much due to the less depth. You cannot fit the cutdown 20L jerry cans in them but some people have used other things. Much of it is in the way you pack them. 
Gary, on the Royal Enfield Himalayan Australia group, has the Stubby Panniers. I didn’t recommend them due to extra depth so they sag but he has the cutdown jerry cans in them and they seem to be working well. 
Our panniers, as far as fitment goes, are made to fit most bikes / racks. They are generic, in that the throwover straps are adjustable and there are 6 loops at the back so you can work out how to best fit them. A pair of small flat straps is my recommendation and are an option with panniers. But we also provide 4 double sided velcro loops that you can use to attach them to the racks so they don’t move about whilst riding. 
I hope that helps. Always happy to answer questions and you are welcome to call, during business hours, if you like.

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Tool organiser for Tool Box Lid

Tool organiser

  • 490mm wide x 320mm wide overall with a small amount taken off the corner (the box has a small curve at the corner and taking a small triangle off the corner will stop the fabric getting caught in the lid seal)
  • 12 snap fasteners on the back side (opposite side to the pockets) snaps are 15mm from the edge to the centre, 50mm from the corners and the middle ones are in the centre. (photo attached showing snap positions)
  • 8 pockets (or 7 pockets if you think the screwdriver in the middle would be better with a elastic loop instead of a pocket)
  • 3 elastic loops
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Custom Tool Roll for Florist

“Hi Naz
Thanks for the chat just now, here are the photos of the gear to fit in the roll (attached)
I think the design how you have the garden rolls on your website is pretty close – with the smaller pocket on the left for seeds/sachets/wire and the larger flat section behind for other larger loose stuff. Just so long as the other tools fit i guess. Colour was Brunswick Green.”

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Archaeology Tool Roll

“Hello Naz,
I phoned you this afternoon expressing interest in a custom tool wrap. My girlfriend is an archaeologist and in the field they use wraps to hold tools used during their excavations.

As such, for a birthday present, I would like to inquire as to the price of a custom tool wrap for excavation tools.
The tools are:
-a tablespoon and a teaspoon
-a collapsible ruler
-a 150mm pointing trowel
-a small pick (still in post, represented in photograph by a white silhouette matching the exact size)
-a 22mm corner paintbrush
-a 50mm framing paintbrush
-4 long nails bound together
Collectively, the items look like this to scale:

I was thinking that this order would be best to roll but if you feel it will not work I defer to your best judgment. I feel most of these tools will fit within existing pouch designs seen on your website for screwdrivers or pliers.
If there are any problems, please let me know, I can provide additional measurements if need be (I can send photos of individual items for their sizes).
I look forwards to hearing from you soon.”

The tool roll was embroidered with her name so that is blurred out.