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Embroidery / Personalised Items

Embroidered Logbook Covers

Many of our products have embroidered text as an option for personalisation. Most products can have it added as a custom order.

There are two different types of embroidery: Text in a range of font types and colours and Logos or pictures embroidered. Text is charged per sections of just letters and logos or pictures have a one-off set-up fee (currently $30) plus per item fee.

As we have the embroidery done out of house there is an increased wait time for embroidered items. This can be one or two weeks in some cases.

If an item with embroidery needs to be waterproof it is best sprayed with a waterproofing spray as the embroidery thread does not swell into the stitch holes in the way that the thread used for construction does.

Below are some of our products that often have embroidery added but pretty much any can be embroidered. Let your imagination run wild!

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Custom Panniers

Customer: “I recently bought a Bike that has Pannier Racks to suit Wolfman Bags.  I would prefer to buy “Australian Made” Naz Bags and was wondering if I could order a pair of small Motorcycle Saddle Bags with a couple of minor alterations to the straps.

These would be two separate bags with no need for joining straps.  If it is possible to make the bags 350mm long instead of 300, that would be perfect, if not 300 would be ok.  (my OCD will adapt)  I am willing to pay extra for your time and effort.

I have attached a couple of pictures of the design and the Rack and am open to suggestions but feel my design would work well.”

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Small Canvas Tarp

Customer: “Hi again, Just looking through the website, saw the tire change mat. Could I please get something 1000×600, as that’s the size tarp I use under my hammock, so I don’t step on slugs in the morning, and keeps the gear, I don’t string up, off the ground, be able to strap it to the molle be great too. Just a thought for now and to see if it’s possible, the tarp has died and I was to get another, just buying a plastic sheet makes no sense .”