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Solar Panel Bag

Customer: “I was wondering whether you would be able to make a bag/cover for a folding solar panel I use when I am travelling. I was thinking about getting it made out of similar material to a horse rug, canvas outer with a heavy felt liner to protect the panel from damage when it is bouncing around in the back of my van. The panel is about 700x1000mm and about 50mm thick.”

Naz: “I would do that like the firepit bags I have been doing lately, although bigger. Just a flat bag with velcro across the top and handles that are stitched all the way around. The bag would be a bit larger in dimension to allow for the 50mm thickness. I have attached a photo of one of the fire pit bags. I can line it with horse rug wool fabric.”

23/05/22: These are soon to be a product for sale on the website as we have been doing a lot as custom orders. They are costing about $150 – $250 dependent on size and we have sourced a recycled wool lining. Please contact us for orders.

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Motorcycle Pudding

The Motorcycle Pudding has been travelling to motorcycle rallies since the 70’s. It is used as a tool to raise funds for the Flying Doctors. Here is the story.

I have been babysitting the Pudding since the New Year and waiting for someone who can take it to the Border Rally later in the year. In the meantime I took it along to a rally at Handlebar Haven in Kilkivan. It is a great spot ran by friends of mine: Annie and Jock. At the rally the Pudding got to meet Scott Britnell, who is racing in the next Dakar.

I also donated $2 for each motorcycle tool roll sold while I had it here. Plus I made it new clothes to celebrate it’s birthday.

As you can see the Pudding is encased in resin to protect it. I think it is so that some traveller doesn’t get hungry! A diary accompanies the Pudding so that the carrier than make any notes. Someone is about to come and take it off my hands and so it’s journey continues.