Ponchos for the Homeless

$32.00 incl. GST

We have been making ponchos to give to the homeless and now we are giving you the opportunity to assist. When you order a poncho online we will make it and give it to a charity that will pass it onto someone in need or we might give it directly to a homeless person in Ipswich.

The ponchos are made from a recycled wool blend that we sew into a simple poncho with a long cowl that be used as a hood. They are incredibly warm and as they are rectangular can also be used as a small blanket, mat or rolled into a pillow. Each poncho comes with a carry strap that can also be used as a belt and a strap to fasten a bundle.

Your $32 pays for the wool cloth, thread, webbing and buckles. But even more importantly it gives someone the warmth and compassion they need in what is likely the hardest period of their lives.