Custom Tool Rolls

We can make a custom tool roll in canvas to suit your tools, whether it’s work tools, hobby, motorcycle or car tools.

If you would like a custom tool roll made the best way to proceed is to take a photo of your tools laid out with rulers below and beside them. That way we can get an idea of sizes for slots etc.

Below is a carpenters tool roll we made recently. It is a tool roll for chisels and screwdrivers. This is made in heavy weight canvas with strong metal camlock buckles. It also has a handle attached to the straps. Also some other custom tool rolls.

If you are interested in having a custom tool roll made please contact Naz on 0439724957 0r via email: 

Custom engineers tool roll

This tool roll for an electrical engineer can fit:

  • Flathead Screwdrivers x 6
  • Phillips Screwdrivers x 4
  • Micro Screwdrivers/Tools x 6
  • Pliers/Cutters x 2
  • Hex Allen Keys
  • Magnetiser (in a pouch?)
  • Torx Screwdrivers x 7

Screwdriver Pouches

“Hi Naz, Do you happen to have anything suitable to protect three small screwdrivers?”



3 x custom tool rolls

I was just looking for a quote on some custom tool rolls: 
1.  A roll for my 3 x Socket Wrenches and their extensions. 
2. A 16 slot spanner roll for sizes 8-22,24mm with duplicates in sizes 8,10,12,13,14 (so a larger slot for those sizes so I could fit two in each slot. 
3. A 13 Slot spanner roll for sizes:
5/16 ( x 2)
3/8 ( x 2)
7/16 ( x 2)
1/2 (x 2)
9/16 ( x 2)
Ideally the tool rolls would be as simple as possible (straps aren’t even a necessity as they will live in a tool box).